The origins of Insurance


Protecting ourselves against risks is one of the oldest and most fundamental of human needs

““Every human activity is the result of a long chain of events, the outcome of chance events, opportunities, and the continuous, modest work of millions of men: there is no human adventure that does not involve risk. Insurance goes back centuries in time because it meets the fundamental needs of every era. While the earliest insurance contracts appeared in the 14th century, the basic spirit of solidarity, of mutuality, has been around since the civilisations of the Ancient Near East, ancient Greece and Rome. With the idea of mutuality, every member pays a contribution, thereby creating a common fund which can be drawn on to indemnify those members hit by a damaging event.

“By insurance we mean the transfer to a community of a risk feared by an individual on the payment of a premium, the sum of which is determined in advance.” (web) Protecting ourselves against risks is one of the oldest and most fundamental of human needs. In fact, the earliest forms of insurance date back to Ancient Egypt: in 2700 BC a mutual insurance fund was set up to cover the funeral expenses of stonecutters. The venture that most greatly encouraged the need for a means of protection against unforeseen circumstances was undoubtedly navigation. It was precisely these sea voyages that perfected these means of protection over the centuries, leading to something very similar to today’s insurance policies, the most important function of which was to protect the free initiative of individuals from risks and from the unpredictability of events. It was often the violence of the sea which brought about the demand for insurance, which is why the first insurance companies grew up in cities located by the sea and on rivers. (WEB)

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About us

During our ten years of experience working with the companies we represent we have built up a team of staff members with skills in all of the various sectors, particularly in those regarding loss prevention. We are therefore able to offer tools to minimize risk and thus reduce company costs. Our constant relationship and negotiation with networks of claims agent and legal experts, and our immediate intervention, allow us to handle each situation in the best and fastest way possible, in the interests of all parties. We continue, as always, to market annual contracts, but our most important objective is the satisfaction of our customers.

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Sian Servizi Assicurativi was founded in 2008, the result of the merger of several insurance agencies with many years of experience. The aim was to implement a range of insurance products through a direct relationship with national and international companies, in order to shorten the supply chain and provide a unique tailor-built product at a competitive price. As a result, we are now able to satisfy all insurance needs, offering ready-made and personalised policies for companies and individuals. The passion we put into our work and our dedication to professional and company risks and to finding specific solutions for our customers have made us into a constantly-growing, highly professional, specialised group.