Marine transport insurance

Project Description


Marine Transport Insurance

We work with INDUSTRIAL BUSINESSES and TRANSPORT BUSINESSES all over the world, providing cover for the Transport of Goods. Coverage of ordinary and extraordinary risks, a network of specialised claims agents and legal experts, close contact with customers, and the strategic location of agents, means a guaranteed all-round, accurate service for the Marine insurance sector.


In detail

transport marine all in one cargo

Complete cover for goods in transit door-to-door, worldwide, including periods of storage during transit and – optionally – before and after transit.

Cargo transport LOGISTICS

Coverage of contractual liabilities deriving from the transport and warehousing of goods during logistics operations, for all operators in the field (carriers, forwarders, and multimodal transport operators). Coverage of indirect losses due to error or omission. Issue of insurance certificates for Ad Valorem cover (loss cover on behalf of customers).

terminals transport

Coverage of the civil liabilities of terminal operators during loading and unloading operations, movement and storage of goods in transit, including storage in a warehouse or in the open within the confines of the port.
This includes any damage caused to ships.
An optional policy covering the carrier’s liability for the distribution of goods is also available. The insurance is also valid for civil liability deriving from the tangible loss or damage to goods due to the malicious act of persons for whom the insured is responsible.

MARINAS insurance

Civil liability coverage for damage caused during the carrying out of activities or services by marinas.


Civil liability coverage during the construction, repair and refitting of ships and leisure craft.

policy SAILING

Coverage for tangible damage to sailing and leisure craft.